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There are more events to be booked! We all want to come together and experience more great music.

Plan Tours Together

Discover new ways to collaborate and plan tours. Set up small or big tours, specify confirmed dates and announce dates that are available for bookings. Promote the tour, find new collaborators to secure more dates.

Smooth Ticketing

Get started selling tickets to your events easily with our smooth ticketing system, or continue with your current solution, that’s all up to you.

Crowdfund Events

Have minimum tickets sold, before the event is confirmed. yes it’s that simple. Little crazy? maybe, but hey why not be transparent and brave, and be sure that you are booking for the right crowd?

This is how it works for you

Apply to join the 100x100 Initiative

We are now setting up what we call the 100x100 Initiative, where we are working together with 100 independent agents and 100 stages around Northern Europe to unleash the power of the people, to secure more concerts in more cities.