Manage your artists and book more dates in more cities

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Tour planning, Smooth Ticketing and Crowdfunding. All these three provide great value for you as an artist representative. 

As soon as you have an invite to join, you will get full access to all these, as well to the community of other inspiring professionals excited to be collaborating to bring more awesome events to the crowds.

explore suitable stages

Explore stages and venues suitable for the artists you represent and your event and tour ideas. Suggest and confirm bookings.

connect, collaborate & confirm

Collaborate with your team and new collaborators on upcoming bookings and tours, and secure more dates in more cities

Smooth ticketing

Get transparency of sales, stay in control, get payments directly and managed with minimal administration.

Have fans initiate & fund events

Explore ways for you to involve fans in the process of initiating and funding events through our successful crowdfunding features.

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"Creating a world where more Great tours and events get booked”

A collective of amazing people striving to innovate the business of live music

Together with artists, venues, agents, arenas, organizers, producers, promoters, designers, IT experts and other music and culture lovers, we are actively working to provide an international platform. 

An event platform that extends a little bit more to facilitate opportunities to make the entertainment industry in music and culture more inclusive, more diverse, more available and more profitable.

We’ve got you covered

With our modern approach to concert and tour booking, there’s never been a more comfortable way for you to represent artists booking concerts and tours.

Join the Emues community, driven by inclusiveness, creativity and transparency.


Here we have gathered some of the most frequently asked questions


Simply go here sign up for early access and sign up for an invite. Once you have your invitation you will have the opportunity to create multiple profiles (artist, venue, scene, club etc) to manage through that one account. 

It is free of charge! We do however charge a competitive ticketing fee when you chose to use our smooth ticketing system

We offer a wide range of features. Our key features that we offer are packaged into Tour planning, smooth ticketing and Crowdfunding.

We do charge a ticket fee for tickets sold through our ticketing system, some ticketing competitors might charge less, and some might charge more. However, we strive to provide our users with 10fold more value than our competitors! 

We do this by staying true to our values of transparency, inclusiveness and creativity.

Focusing on providing value to our community by working tightly together with our users to try out new features and sustainable innovative ways to support our users business.

We are currently operating in selected countries and cities, and are constantly opening up in more cities as the demand is getting stronger – so sign up for an invite, and we’ll be sure to let you in as soon as we can.