Smooth Ticketing

Get started selling tickets to your events within minutes.

Keeping it simple - all you need,
nothing more, no less

Create event

It’s quick and easy to add your events and start selling tickets, you decide whether tickets will be available immediately or published at a specific time.

Numbered seats

Offer numbered seats and scan tickets quickly and easily at multiple entrances with your Emues mobile app.

Guest List

Manage the guest list, nicely and easily both before and during the event.

Statistics & insights

Keep track of statistics for your events, demographic charts, referrals and purchases, etc.

Manage roles

Give employees and coworkers different access with different roles: Manager, Gate Keeper or Administrator

Why Choose Us

Smooth ticketing

We strive to keep the ticketing technique as slim as possible

More value, same fee

On top of the ticketing, you also get access to tour planning and crowdfunding

more innovation

With our users we are constantly experimenting with new ideas

more fun

We strive to remove your headaches and add more fun

We are here for you

Whether you are looking to host your first set of events, or if you are looking at changing ticket provider, we look forward to support you.